Fork and Gavel Kitchen

Online ordering for pick up at our coffee counter, located in the Commons- level one-  of Myron Taylor Hall, Cornell Law School.

Why Choose Us?

Fork & Gavel Kitchen, Manndible Cafe Mission Statement

Our mission is to welcome our community by offering specialty coffee, homemade, affordable meals, snacks, and other beverages in our quick-serve locations on Cornell campus.


Our commitment to connecting communities drives us. We believe that supporting small businesses is a daily act of making a difference. It feeds the local economy, supports families, keeps people working and feeling pride in the work they do. We are small business owners who have faced the challenges of increased costs, fluctuating foot traffic, the decline of the mom and pop. The opportunity to create these cafés/kitchen in an environment dedicated to learning and hungry to support local growers has been a dream come true.  

Hi. I didn't bring lunch to work today however I lucked out by attending a social this morning that you all catered. Simply delightful and it's kept me satisfied all day. Thank you!

About Us

Kathleen & Pam


For the past 12 years on Cornell campus, Pam Gueldner and Kathleen Pasetty (plus a tremendous crew of rockstar staff members) have been offering freshly made, food and drink and snacks. The COVID-19 pandemic shut us down for 5months.  We are re-opening for the fall semester, very small scale, hoping to make the days a little easier for law students, building care staff, faculty, and anyone else in Myron Taylor Hall. 


Commons level, Myron Taylor Hall, Cornell's Law School

524 College Ave. Ithaca NY 14850

open Monday- Friday